Build the Business of Your Dreams


build the business of your dreams

I founded my team of fitness coaches, the Fit Boss Squad, nearly five years ago. I turned my passion for health and wellness into my own six figure online business, and then decided to pay it forward and have helped over 2,000 women from all over the globe build similarly successful online fitness businesses for themselves as well. My goal as your potential mentor is to help you build the business and life of your dreams!


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I am looking for women that have a burning desire to leave a bigger impact on the world through wellness. Women who want to focus on taking care of their own health and fitness, while setting a positive example for others. Women who want to earn an income by doing something that they genuinely love. Women who aren’t afraid to dream big, and chase after those dreams courageously and confidently.

Each month I mentor a select group of new women through the launch of their online coaching businesses. To be considered please fill out the inquiry form below, and if I feel you are a good fit I will be in touch to personally invite you to our next Become a Fitness Influencer Workshop. Thank you!

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