Eight Month Pregnancy Update

For my 32 week pregnancy check in I wanted to take a picture WITHOUT hiding behind my leggings or hitting the most strategically flattering side angle pose, because I never want you to get the idea that this pregnancy journey is all perfectly easy over here. Let me just start by saying I LOVE this body, and I appreciate all of these changes bringing me my baby boy — but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or that I don’t see them happening.

This body has been busy creating life, and because of that... my legs have officially become best friends, I have to buy new undies like every other month because of my growing hips booty + love handles, my thighs have grown some cute little cellulite dimples, my back aches because my front is so heavy, and I can’t even fit into my husbands pants anymore.

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through the picture perfect moms of Instagram I literally have to remind myself that HER journey isn’t MY journey, and that both are JUST as beautiful. (Honestly I believe this speaks way beyond pregnancy. Let’s be real.... most of us women get caught up in the comparison trap on social media.)

If pregnancy has taught me anything it’s that I DEEPLY care about my health and wellness — but sometimes our outward appearance will ebb and flow. Have grace with yourself, focus on health over physique, find worth outside of just your physical appearance, and remember that our “imperfections” are usually what make life most beautiful.

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Emily Kearbey